Graduate Admissions and Transfer Credit

Helpful Tools

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GIMS Forms

The forms are available in GIMS (Graduate Information Management System):

  • Credit Transfer: Transfer eligible prior credits to a UF graduate student’s degree program.
  • Combination Graduate/Professional Degree Program: Allow pursuit of UF graduate and professional degrees at the same time.

To access these forms...

  • Log on to GIMS (Graduate Information Management System).
  • Enter the student's UFID number in the UFID/Name slot.
  • Click Find.
  • Click the Actions icon.
  • Choose the form from the drop-down menu that appears.

PDF Forms

Use these forms to request special block transfers of shared credit when your students are pursuing two UF graduate degrees at the same time or are taking course work at a non-UF higher education institution:

  • Combination Concurrent Degree Form: Set up a program of study involving limited shared credits when a UF graduate student chooses to pursue two degrees at the same time. Click here: Concurrent Degree Form.
  • Combination Nontraditional Doctoral/Master’s Degree Form: Set up a program of study when a UF student already admitted to a Ph.D. program wants to pursue, at the same time, a master’s degree outside of the student’s Ph.D. academic unit: Nontraditional Doctoral/Master's Degree Program Form.
  • Final Missing International Credentials Hold Petition: Use this form to request a third — and final — lifting of a registration hold for a UF student whose non-US academic credentials are still missing at the Office of Admissions: Missing Credentials Form.
  • Traveling Scholar Form: Use this form for students who want to participate in the UF Traveling Scholar Program as a UF graduate student attending a higher education institution elsewhere (inside or outside of Florida’s State University System) within the United States: Traveling Scholar Form.


For information on how to submit a petition for conditional or special admission through our petition process, click this link: Petitions.