Graduate assistants are a major force in UF’s educational and research success.

Graduate assistants perform a key, impactful role in teaching and research at the University of Florida in exchange for a biweekly paycheck, in-state tuition, and health insurance to support their own UF graduate education.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

Employment as a UF graduate assistant is governed by a collective bargaining agreement between the UF Board of Trustees, Graduate Assistants United (GAU), and United Faculty of Florida (UFF). Click this link to read it:

Hiring Graduate Assistants

Click these links for instructions on how to hire graduate assistants and for templates of appointment letters needed when hiring them:

Health Insurance for Graduate Assistants

GatorGradCare is health insurance for UF graduate assistants. For information on coverage details and how to enroll, click this link:

Leave of Absence for Graduate Assistants

To learn about the three types of leave available to UF graduate assistants, click this link: