Student Forms

UF Graduate School forms help get the job done.

These forms are meant for graduate student use. Graduate students can initiate and submit these forms.

Application for Fellowship or Assistantship

Fill out this form and submit it to your degree program’s graduate coordinator or staffer if you are seeking a UF fellowship or assistantship from it.

To access this PDF form, click here:

Degree Application Form

You must fill out and submit this form by deadline for the semester when you are ready to graduate. To access that form, click here:

To find out degree application deadlines, click here:

Degree Candidate Status Verification Form

You can submit this form up to three weeks before graduation. Before you can submit this form, you first must...

  • have completed all requirements for your degree.
  • submitted a fully signed final examination report, uploaded into GIMS by your academic unit.
  • obtained final clearance of your thesis or dissertation.

After you fill out this form completely and obtain all signatures on it, you must email it to the Graduate School’s Editorial Office at for the final signature. When the Editorial Office signs off on it, they will forward it to the Graduate Student Records Office for processing.

If approved, the Graduate School will issue a letter verifying that you currently a candidate for graduation with a degree. It does not verify that you have graduated or will graduate. Only a diploma and a degree award notation on your official UF transcript are proof of graduation.

To access this PDF form, click here:

Traveling Scholar Form

You must fill out this form if you want to participate in the UF Traveling Scholar Program as a UF graduate student attending a higher education institution elsewhere (inside or outside Florida’s State University System) within the United States.

To access this PDF form, click here: