UF Graduate School forms help get the job done.

GIMS Forms

To access these forms...

  • Log on to GIMS (Graduate Information Management System).
  • Enter the student's UFID number in the UFID/Name slot.
  • Click Find.
  • Click the Actions icon.
  • Choose the form from the drop-down menu that appears.

The forms are available on GIMS:

  • Credit Transfer: Transfer eligible prior credits to a UF graduate student’s degree program.
  • Combination Graduate/Professional Degree Program: Allow pursuit of UF graduate and professional degrees at the same time.
  • Special Appointment: Add non-UF faculty as guest experts to supervisory committees.

PDF Forms

Click here to access these PDF forms:

  • Application for Fellowship or Assistantship: Students use this form when they seek a fellowship or an assistantship from your academic unit: Application for Fellowship or Assistantship.
  • Combination Concurrent Degree Form: Set up a program of study involving limited shared credits when a UF graduate student chooses to pursue two degrees at the same time. Click here: Concurrent Degree Form.
  • Combination Nontraditional Doctoral/Master’s Degree Form: Set up a program of study when a UF student already admitted to a Ph.D. program wants to pursue, at the same time, a master’s degree outside of the student’s Ph.D. academic unit: Nontraditional Doctoral/Master's Degree Program Form.
  • Final Missing International Credentials Hold Petition: Use this form to request a third — and final — lifting of a registration hold for a UF student whose non-US academic credentials are still missing at the Office of Admissions: Missing Credentials Form.
  • Traveling Scholar Form: Use this form for students who want to participate in the UF Traveling Scholar Program as a UF graduate student attending a higher education institution elsewhere (inside or outside of Florida’s State University System) within the United States: Traveling Scholar Form.

Petition Forms

Click here for the PDF form, instructions, and submission portal for petitions to the Graduate School:

Web Forms

To access these forms...

The web forms are available on GIMS:

  • Credit Transfer
  • Combination Graduate/Professional Degree Program (Joint Degree) Authorization
  • Special Appointment