Graduate IT Systems

About Us

Our IT Crew keeps you connected with the data that drives UF graduate education.

The University of Florida Graduate School’s IT Systems team maintains and enhances online database systems that track both individual and institutional performance in graduate education at UF across:

  • Fifteen colleges.
  • Over 250 degree programs.
  • Some 14,000 graduate students.
  • About 6,000 graduating degree recipients a year.

GIMS: Graduate Information Management System

IT Systems curates the Graduate Information Management System (GIMS) — a home-grown online interactive tool working in tandem with UF’s Student Information System (SIS) and UF Human Resources. GIMS empowers graduate administrators and staff across campus to track degree progress, mark student milestones, and manage graduate faculty.


IT Systems conducts analytics for the Graduate School — particularly the Ph.D. Program Profiles that provide a statistical snapshot of figures for admissions, enrollment, completion, student demographics by country, and student support and job placement.

Research Projects

IT Systems provides support for research projects in collaboration with the Association of American Universities (AAU), the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), peer research universities, and local campus partners.

Data Requests

IT Systems serves our campus partners by filling data requests. Need figures on UF graduate student or faculty activity? Need us to run a query? Contact us!