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Graduate Faculty Status

Graduate faculty status allows University of Florida faculty members to serve on graduate student supervisory committees as:

  • Chairs or co-chairs in academic units where they have graduate faculty status.
  • Members in any academic unit.
  • Externals in any academic unit where they do not have graduate faculty status.
Automatic Graduate Faculty Status

New faculty hired as tenured or tenure-accruing automatically get graduate faculty status in their home graduate academic unit (the one that hired them). Our Data Management unit regularly adds automatic graduate faculty status in GIMS (Graduate Information Management System) per new hire updates from UF Human Resources.

Graduate Faculty Status in Other UF Units

For UF faculty to get graduate faculty status outside of their home academic unit (the one that hired them), the outside unit must file a graduate faculty status request with the Graduate School by:

For that process, you’ll need:

  • The nominee’s up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV), with current UF title, work address, telephone number, and email address.
  • A UF Human Resources courtesy or affiliate appointment for the nominee to your academic unit.
  • The results of your graduate faculty's vote on the request, in which “yes” votes must be at least two thirds (66%) to proceed.
  • An evaluative statement from your unit's chair or director, explaining what expertise qualifies the nominee for mentoring graduate students in its field.

After submission, the Graduate School will email a decision to the nominating unit.

Graduate Faculty Status Beyond UF Employment

Graduate faculty who retire, resign, or are terminated may return to finish out service on existing supervisory committees for one year past UF employment, so long as they obtain a courtesy faculty appointment and the approval of the student’s academic unit. Retirees must comply with UF's Post-Retirement Volunteer Services policy.

That unit must then send an email to with the faculty member’s name, UFID number, courtesy appointment verification, and the semester and year through which the graduate faculty status extension runs.

Courtesy appointment requests are to be initiated with the academic unit’s HR liaison. All courtesy faculty appointments must comply with UF courtesy faculty policy.

Graduate Faculty Appointment Policy Statement

For more details on UF’s graduate faculty appointment policy, click this link to read this PDF file linked to this website’s Policy Library webpage: Graduate Faculty Appointment.