A Home Worth Coming Home To

UF’s 100th Homecoming celebrates far more than football, from a graduate education perspective.

A Home Worth Coming Home To

Posted: October 1, 2023

The University of Florida's 100th Homecoming falls on Saturday, October 7 this year.

And while the Gator Nation’s grand holiday may give center stage to the big game on the gridiron inside The Swamp, there’s plenty more about UF worth cheering at those tailgate parties breaking out across campus.

Here at the Graduate School, Homecoming has us celebrating how...

UF is home to 16,648 graduate students in 188 master's, seven specialist, and 100 doctoral degree programs across 145 majors that cover the broad spectrum of human scholarship, scientific inquiry, and artistic creativity.

UF is home to 4,501 international students from 130 countries, testifying to UF’s worldwide reputation and global reach.

UF is home to 73 fellows in the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program — one of the most coveted funding awards in higher education today, with its highly competitive 15% acceptance rate.

UF is home to 41 Fulbright graduate students from around the world, pursuing degrees here as part of the United States government's flagship educational exchange program partnered with 160-plus countries.

UF is home to 3,166 graduate faculty, whose teaching, research, and mentoring form the backbone and muscle of graduate education on campus.

UF is home to 4,407 graduate assistants, whose industrious work in classrooms, laboratories, and other venues across campus makes a huge impact on learning, discovery, and student progress at UF.

UF is home to 721 postdoctoral researchers and scholars, whose expertise and elbow grease are expanding the boundaries of knowledge and breaking new ground in technology.

UF is home to programs like the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship, Preparing Future Faculty, the UF Santa Fe College Faculty Development Project, and Women Lead, which are shaping the next generation of educators and professional leaders.

For alumni, those things are reasons for pride in alma mater.

For current students, they're reasons for school spirit.

And for perspective applicants out there, they're reasons to come to UF.

Because when it comes to graduate education, UF is a home worth coming home to.