Tune in to Grad Talk!

The UF Graduate School takes to the digital airwaves in an exciting new venture to foster graduate student success.

Tune in to Grad Talk!

Posted: September 19, 2023

Grad Talk! — the new podcast from the Graduate School at the University of Florida, produced by its Graduate Student Success Center — is now streaming online via Spotify.

Grad Talk! is the UF Graduate School’s official podcastThis latest Graduate School initiative hosts conversations that dive into topics relevant to graduate students navigating their higher education journey. Episodes feature UF graduate students, alumni, faculty, campus partners, and experts as guest panelists. While covering the highs and lows of graduate student life, the podcast also will home in on the fun and lighter side of being a Grad Gator.

The first episode — How to Build Community: Finding Your People in Graduate School — focuses on the importance of community for graduate students. Guests Riya Chakaborty (UF doctoral student and UF Organization for Graduate Student Advancement and Professional Development president) and Dr. Paul Wassel (UF Ph.D. alumnus and past UF Graduate Student Council president) talk with hosts Caroline Reeg and Erin Rice of the Graduate Student Success Center about their own experiences of overcoming isolation and developing support networks.

Highlights of their conversation include ways to find links and build bridges, the benefits of stepping outside of comfort zones, and the pleasant surprise of discovering bonds and support amid groups and venues one might not have initially thought of.

More episodes of Grad Talk! are forthcoming, with the next one devoted to resources and services that can improve graduate students’ quality of life.

Tune in to Grad Talk! by clicking here: Grad Talk! on Spotify for Podcasters.