New GSSC takes graduate student thriving to heart

Graduate Student Success Center established to enhance the Grad Gator experience at UF

New GSSC takes graduate student thriving to heart

Posted: August 23, 2023

The University of Florida Graduate School has revamped its student services efforts with the creation of its new Graduate Student Success Center (GSSC).

At the core of the GSSC’s mission stands the graduate student. This new unit is bent on enhancing the graduate student experience at UF by promoting holistic student development and sustaining a culture of belonging throughout the graduate student body.

“Graduate students have different experiences and are at different developmental stages than undergraduates,” noted Dr. Judy Traveis, who leads GSSC as the Graduate School’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs. “Mindful of that, our team builds programs and services tailored to the unique needs of graduate students — with our core values of integrity, service, advocacy, empathy, collaboration, and innovation woven into all we do.”

Currently working within the GSSC are:

  • GradCare, which counsels UF Grad Gators on what services and resources can help them deal with academic, administrative, or health issues.
  • The Office of Graduate Professional Development (OGPD), which coordinates programs and resources that cultivate skills and strategies for the successful transition of UF Grad Gators into the workforce, whether within or outside of academia.
  • The Office of Graduate Student Support and Engagement (OGSSE), which hosts initiatives and services that boost academic stamina, personal wellness, support networks, and community connections among UF Grad Gators.

Over Fall 2023, the GSSC will expand further, with an Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Prestigious Awards. It will aid graduate students in crafting proposals for prominent fellowships and funding. In addition, it will shape professional development initiatives for postdoctoral researchers at UF.

Whether you are a student, faculty member, administrator, or staffer, the GSSC stands ready to answer your questions and provide guidance on what ways and means are on hand to solve problems, enhance student experience, and help UF Grad Gators to navigate their higher education journey healthily and successfully.

Click here to learn more online: UF Graduate Student Success Center.

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