Editorial Office

What We Do

Our Editorial Office handles electronic thesis and dissertation submission — and more!

The Editorial Office at the University of Florida Graduate School (134 Grinter Hall) handles document management, review, revision, and archiving on a number of fronts vital to graduate education at UF.


Our Editorial Office coaches you through your crowning achievement as a graduate student — submission and approval of your thesis or dissertation for graduation with your graduate degree.

While we do not review or critique content, scholarship, research methods, or writing style (your supervisory committee does that), we do make sure all theses and dissertations meet UF’s format standards and are ready for electronic submission and digital archiving in the UF Libraries system.

We also provide workshops, format guides, graduation checklists, and tutorials to ease your way through the process.

Click here for links to thesis and dissertation help: Helpful Resources.

Questions? Email grad-edit@ufl.edu.


Our Editorial Office also helps campus administrators, faculty, and staff with submission of proposals for the Graduate Council and Graduate Curriculum Committee.

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Questions? Email...


In addition, our Editorial Office curates the Graduate Catalog and its academic calendar, updating their contents throughout the year for optimal accuracy.

Need help with Graduate Catalog issues? Email gradcatalog@aa.ufl.edu.


Finally, our Editorial Office works with the UF President’s Office and Office of the University Registrar to edit each semester’s doctoral commencement program.